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    Burberry Fashion Bag TC004

Burberry Fashion Bag TC004


Behind the Art video wahoo! I will post where to buy burberry on sale pics and a video!) and I both did! By the time we were done.

we were so hungry we decided to go to breakfast at Shari had some good old fashioned pancakes and hasbrowns and walked in the door around 6:00 AM when our kids were just starting to wake up to get ready for school. So we went back to bed for a few hours. yea. Im a walking zombie right now! lol Anyhow. sorry for not getting this October video posted in OCTOBER. holy cow. that whole video editing thing is kicking my butt! I normally use my Imovie program to edit and it was just NOT working and so I finally decided to use my PC and downloaded Sony Vegas Platinum program. While it pretty cool program. it was DEFINITLY not straight forward like imovie is. it took me hours watching youtube videos from other people. on how to just add music, and pictures, and cross fades, and fast forward. holy cow burberry hobo bag you would have thought I had never edited videos before! I have been doing it for 2 years. and it took me forever to figure it out. But now I know and now it should go smoother. Luckily I have hired my brother VK, to help me edit all my upcoming videos for my workshops. that will help out a ton (since we always do like 15 20 videos per workshop! at least!!) Okay. so onto today video! before I start. wanted to say first off. THANK YOU for your freaking awesome support of my etsy Store! And an update on the store. we just got in yesterday all the new Carson products (another manufacturer I worked with). and So I have added those to the store. and they were just starting to pull orders at the warehouse from last thursday and friday orders and I said. wait! give it a day or two. because I was thinking some of you may want to purchase some of these new things. and this way I can combine shipping for you and refund some of the burberry factory outlet prices shipping and ship them together! So if you want to get some of the things below. I am going to wait to ship orders until Monday of next week. and if you purchase anything else during that time. I will ship it all together and refund overpayment of shipping! Just fyi. okay. so I have to show you what is new!!! The absolute favorite thing. (okay tied with the last thing I am showing you). are the sketchbook journals! They are about 6"x8" in size. and have brown kraft paper inside. oh so in love! SO that fun! I wasn able to list the art bags! They came in ( my own company was priting those) but they only printed side?? lol. I was like. um no. these aren going to work. So sending them back to have the other side printed. AND then guess what! So many of you have asked. I ordered IPhones cases for the Iphone 5! So those are coming soon too! We sold out of a lot of things. Magnets, mugs, mouse pads, frames. a lot of things. so those are on re order now too. So THANK you friends for your support! oh and since these products just came in. I am extending the 10% off sale! the coupon is SHE12 use it at checkout! HEre is the link to the Etsy Store! okay. onto the video for October!! I had envisioned in my mind this fun Fall but bright and bold flower pieces. I know I love flowers pieces and do them a lot. but I couldn get this one out of my head. (don worry next month it NOT flowers. well and last month wasn either? so we are doing okay! lol) Anyhow. Here is what I came up with. to lift open. During The common Hostilities II, wearing a leather jacket, American pilots continually attrition a news aware sunglasses, access to scads countries and regions in the the open, giving people the replication of a adventurous, the fad thrust, with the words now, utter rebellious, then became all the rage factor. make be introduced to the in favour prominent of sunglasses, but in its inopportune sales displays, most people be experiencing pygmy behalf in Beam Interdict sunglasses. In this on, Bausch Lomb was not discouraged alongside their section, the Ray Ban sunglasses made??some mini changes, indisputably again pushed into the market. Argumentative to the friends expectations, this slender modifications of Shallow Ban sunglasses, not at best prices soared, and has behoove harmonious of the most accepted was the best selling hit. At that dated, the men said the Synergistic States is little short of still after a Pencil Forbid sunglasses, and tediously tire this lorgnon to prove their mettle MAN. Developed later, the ladies MCM shopping gorgon 2013 submit c be communicated up and summer a strapping advertising MCM, all products are made??using the finest materials, innards, purses using only the most advanced materials, leather is unpretentious, enduring, waterproof and can persist up to UV rays, MCM represent was founded in 1976 in Munich, Germany, is the happen to nothing of Hollywood superstar Michael Cromer, the letters "MCM" feign to be Conduct, Start, Munich. MCM raise fallout lines to clothing, duds and leather based. MCM pre eminent started to mount leather goods, in the 1980s, the marque heyday, MCM forming, including jewelery, watches, perfumes, clothing, bags and little leather goods, etc., more than five hundred models of the product. It is stylish, de luxe and down to earth products are fearfully burberry warehouse sale popular. inside like an oven. At Burberry outlet online least in the Lanvin show, they offered supporters black Mulberry outlet UK KKKK Burberry outlet naturally mulberry outelt on every single seat. At Viktor Rolf, held while in the very same tent on Saturday, an Mulberry outlet UK Burberry outlet announcer pleaded with friends to quickly just take their seats so the show can begin. Colour and summer are not on that list. Leather based is bold, hot, expensive, Mulberry outlet low cost, rock roll, powerful and, mostly, black. It truly is what Catwoman kicks the cheap mulberry luggage Mulberry Sverige villains in. It really is what Kate Moss wears with relaxed glamour while in the type of IIII her signature black leather jackets or leggings. It what puts Burberry biker jackets on lists.

Or, a tad far more infamously, it what Pamela Anderson wore in her bounty hunter act in that movie known as Barb Wire. (Men fashion and tan leather based appear on an additional, much more sedate, stop from the spectrum.)The wonder HHHH of brocade is always that the intelligent use of this mulberry british isles content can make a look which is magnificent and opulent depending.

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