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Burberry Plaid Yellow Frame Sunglass Black


Border Fox vows to track down man posing as him 'BORDER Fox' Dessie O'Hare issued chilling threats after he discovered a man rang a Dublin repossession firm claiming to be him, the Herald can reveal.

The drama centres around an incident in which staff members at the repossession company were subjected to death threats by a man claiming to be O'Hare. Sources say that when the Border Fox heard that someone had been using his name, he was "absolutely furious" and has now vowed to track down the culprit. In a sinister twist, it has emerged that O'Hare knows the Co Cavan businessman who is in dispute with the repossession firm and is now confident of finding who it was that was claiming to be him. A source said: "O'Hare is going absolutely mad about this. If there is one thing he hates, it is people using or trying to trade in on his name. The Co Cavan man needs to watch out. He already owes tens of thousands of euro and now he has O'Hare on his back." O'Hare has been keeping his head down since he was involved in a bizarre incident last October when he had his nose and shoulder broken in a suspected gangland beating. The former INLA leader was treated in the Mater Hospital for injuries which he claimed were the result of a hit and run. But sources believe it is far more likely O'Hare was abducted and beaten up by a gang of dissident republicans in Clontarf on October 4. O'Hare is regularly spotted in the Clontarf area, which is the base of one of the convicted terrorist's closest pals, veteran gangster Eamon Kelly from nearby Furry Park Road, Killester. O'Hare burberry sale items has become very close to Kelly, who survived a Real IRA assassination attempt in 2010, having previously been friendly with slain gang boss Martin 'Marlo' Hyland before he was shot dead in 2006. The duo are regularly spotted with each other in pubs in Clontarf. The Border Fox was released from burberry raincoat sale prison in April 2006 having served 19 years. O'Hare became the most wanted man in Ireland after kidnapping and mutilating Dublin dentist John O'Grady in 1987. He was released under the Good Friday Agreement after being given a 40 year sentence. During the 1987 kidnapping, a section of Dr O'Grady's two little fingers were hacked off by Dessie O'Hare using a hammer and chisel. Gardai rescued O'Grady but his captor escaped. He was eventually caught after a shoot out in Co Kilkenny. He was jailed for 40 years and in 2000 began a legal challenge to force the State to release buy burberry coat online him under the Good Friday Agreement. He claimed that he had reformed, taken up yoga and attended the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation in Co Wicklow, under the supervision of prison burberry happy scarf officers.

O'Hare, originally from Keady, Co Armagh, is the last of the State's inmates to qualify for early release under the terms of the agreement. He was in the IRA before joining the INLA and rising to become its leader. It is believed that he was responsible for up to 26 terrorist murders during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

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