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Brentwood Gazette shames commuters who mocked rail death victim A weekly newspaper has named and shamed commuters who took to Twitter to mock a man who was killed after being struck by a train.

The Brentwood Gazette published a front page story alongside a stream of tweets from angry commuters delayed by around three hours while staff recovered the body of 51 year old Neil Roeperon Monday morning. Despite the tragic nature of the situation, several railway commuters posted messages venting their anger over the death of the father of two for making them late to work The town name of began to trend on the social media site after around 1,000 messages were posted in the aftermath of the incident. The Gazette names and shames the commuters on its front page One user wrote: says I Don care tho not when It took 4 hours to travel 10 miles. Fg Mondays. Somebody going to get hit on this train if it doesn move soon. distasteful comments included commuters who described the man as and complained his death had delayed journeys to work. The incident was followed up with the Gazette running a front page story which included an interview with Jessica Larsh, 25, whose brother Rodney who was found dead at Shenfield railway station over Christmas last year. News editor Alan Woods said that the response of readers to the front page story had been positive. Gazette Twitter feed was buzzing on Monday following the tragic rush hour incident at Brentwood station, with commuters looking to our site for information about the closure of one of the busiest routes from Essex into the capital, he said. were several messages of condolence from users and tweets saying their thoughts were with the family of the person who died but unfortunately, these were a minority. soon found, through a search of our town's name that trended for a period of time, there were some truly horrible messages. of the tweets were heartless, thoughtless and saddening. The edition simply held a mirror up to incident, which is how we'd hoped the headline would portray it. It definitely highlighted the dark side of social media. newspaper featured five of the most offensive tweets onits front page and a handful more were published across a double page spread inside. was also decided to publish a selection of the 'nice tweets,' expressing sympathy, as well as the damning, negative messages, added Alan. feedback we have received via telephone, email and the social networks has been generally positive. front page has been described as 'thought provoking' and I have taken calls from readers this week who say they don't usually buy the Gazette, but were drawn in by the tweets on the front page. initially declaring the stretch of track a crime scene, British Transport Police confirmed Mr Roeper's death was not being treated as suspicious. An inquestinto Mr Roeper death is due to opentoday. Dear me. What have we come to? Hard hearted, self centred, full of their own importance, these passengers should be ashamed of themselves. We all been there delayed getting home due to drunks on trains, or worse, some poor tortured soul who could see no other way out and cursed our misfortune under our breath. But instead of biting their lip, these tiny brained travellers have to to Twitter to spill their guts about the way someone death affects their pathetic world. Get a life this poor man has lost his. Before they get on their high horse too much, it would be interesting to know if the Brentwood Gazette read the Samartians suicide reporting guidelines before they put such a story on the front page. For instance, point number four: away from melodramatic depictions of suicide and its aftermath. point number five: for non sensationalising sensitive coverage. they really interested in challenging stigma and ensuring they covered a complex and sensitive issue appropriately? Or did they just want to sell papers? In response to Hmm, discount burberry quilted jackets I believe most right thinking people burberry mens clothing sale would be appalled by the behaviour of these tweeting twits. And most newspapers, given the same opportunity and using their noddle, would have treated the story in the same way. Of course the Gazette wanted to sell more papers, that obvious. But the bold way the story was covered highlighted the sick and selfish sentiments many people exhibit today. They the same morons who walk past a scumbag mugging a pensioner and then tweet a picture of the old lady in tears two minutes later. Probably with a hilarious hashtag accompanying their tweet. Someone threw himself in front of a train when my wife was coming home from London recently. Her train was stranded for nearly three hours. When she got home she expressed the exact same sentiments as those Tweeters man, why didn he kill himself at home etc. But fortunately, she isn on Twitter and doesn use social media much at all. So she was able to calm down naturally. I think Twitter makes it all too easy to express emotions you might later regret. It the nature of the beast. As for Unite if that your simplistic view of socialism, I glad I not a socialist. As an ex rail commuter I can tell you that 95% of us are routine fixated timeservers (we wouldn do it if we were otherwise) in whom frustration always boils just below the surface. I was once on a train that hit someone at the same station where this incident occurred and, believe me, the three hour delay was intensely irritating. The real issue is one of decent public restraint but modern comms have eroded that. The phones may be smart but look at a lot of their users. Whatever, well done to the news editor for highlighting all this here. I was on a train which ran over a guy once. I was in the front carriage and I felt a hard object travel under the wheels of the train. I initially thought that someone laptop had gone under the wheels until the driver told us what happened. I had a mixture of emotions, sickness at the realisation of what really happened, I felt so sorry for the driver, I did feel that the guy that committed suicide in such a dramatic way was selfish not because I was going to be later home but because he chose to end his life using someone else to do it for him. I can appreciate the guy would have had his reasons for doing as he did but he had choice in the manner of his death and he only thought of himself when he did so. I was on the same train six month later when the driver who had taken time off thanked all those who sent him their support he was really shaken up. So while one may condemn those who tweeted their frustration maybe having so little room in which to tweet a message hides the bigger picture. I can identify with all the victims of this incident. It is interesting for me to note the reaction of those who have not been in involved in this incident directly have similar reaction to those that have burberry livermore made comments here, the feelings you experience when involved in it are quite different. Not every one jumps in front of a train to die, it could of been an accident, unfortunately this attitude has been used a lot over many years at different stations as the commuters see it as inconvenient to them, and no other reason will do. There are such things as accidents/ accidental not just by someone being pushed. It could be where a group or a few individuals choose to cross a line, one makes it the other doesn There are plenty of scenarios. I personally have seen plenty of them and yes quite a few have been deliberate but not all of them. Yes it does cause delays but you are aware that the railway does only have up and down single line service what burberry outlet online do you expect no and then. So putting this article as first page on a Gazette is more sympathetic to this man family than a few tweets? It unlikely the man family would have ever seen the tweets until it was plastered all over the front page of a paper. The journalists and editors are the people who should be named and shamed. Furthermore, what so damning to call this man selfish? He made the decision to end his life and chose to potentially ruin someone else in the process. The poor driver will live with that ordeal forever. And what about the people that have to clean parts of him off the train and track? What about the passengers in the front cart that felt the impact? It sad that so many people can be so influenced by what a paper tells you to think What a troubled man to do something like that, how can people be so heartless to give such terrible comments they are truly selfish, sick, inconsiderate and thoughtless to the persons family. An old comment that used to be voiced is. took their own life while the balance of their mind was disturbed And that was exactly what must have happened, he made a snap judgement that would hurt and maybe destroy the people who cared for him. I work for Samaritans on the Network Rail Partnership which works to reduce suicides on the railway.

Any suicide is a human tragedy and sadly evokes a whole range of emotions and reactions from people. As part of our partnership we train frontline railway staff on how to spot and approach a potentially vulnerable person to be able to get them to a place of safety. We also work to support people in the aftermath, families, train drivers, passengers and staff including the staff who deal with social media feeds as they can be as affected by the situation too and often have to deal with other frustrations.

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