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    Burberry Broad Frame Handle Sunglass Pink

Burberry Broad Frame Handle Sunglass Pink


be gloating over their semifinal start Forget the crashes and the boat handling mistakes, the boats are vulnerable to their own technology.

The British discovered that the hard way, breaking down at the start of the third leg of their opening clash with the Kiwis. You can't operate without a wingsail and that's cheap burberry jacket what hit the Brits hard. With high winds predicted for the rest of this week, they are unlikely to be alone in this department. Reliability always loomed as a key ingredient in Bermuda. The reality of that was rammed home on Tuesday. Team NZ need racing as much as points You take any pointsyou can in this game and the Kiwis will love being 2 0 up after the first day, burberry official site sale even if they were gifted them. But in reality, the points were the silver lining to a disappointing day. Team NZ are desperate for racing and confrontational situations as they move forward in this regatta. They need time under pressure if they are to get through and have a chance against Oracle. Seeing your semifinal opponent fall over early doesn't provide that. IN the limited time available, there was a pleasing showing by Peter Burling in the starting box where he stayed clear of an aggressive Ainslie to get across the line with superior acceleration. That's the sort of stuff the Team New Zealand coaches will burberry factory be wanting more of Luck still plays a part Noticed how the chasing team splits at the bottom mark more often than not? They are looking to go somewhere different thansimply following their leading opponent into the breeze. They are literally throwing caution to the wind. It's a gamble, albeit a calculated one, as they look for a windshift to get them back in the race. Artemis Racing found one on Tuesday in their second race with Team Japan, to successfully hunt down Dean Barker. A frustrated Barker called it "the shift from God" and he was powerless to defend it. Team Japan have speed up wind In terms of sheer boat performance, that was the big indicator from the opening semifinal races. Barker has lacked consistency through this regatta but his boat was consistently fast on the beats against Sweden. It was an acknowledged component of the Swede's armoury but Team Japan seem to have found some extra gas for the playoffs. This tussle on the other side of the semifinal draw promises to be fascinating.

Oracle's menace remains ever present Oracle aren't officially racing but they are still zooming around Bermuda's Great Sound as they use their two weeks off to tweak performance. They might have a willing partner in Team Japan to test burberry mens trench coat outlet some of their work on too. No surprise there given the strong link between the two teams since Japan were encouraged to join the Cup race and got technology and training assistance from the American defenders.

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