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Burberry Canvas Check Leather Bag Brown


Alice Barry grabs Steve Jones Barry, who plays Lillian Taylor in Channel 4 show Shameless, took to the stage for the BBC Let Dance For Sport Relief tonight dressed as a policewoman to perform a raunchy dance to George Michael gay anthem Let Go Outside.

But it wasn her dance routine that caught the attention of the public in the end, as he post dance antics were the real headline grabbers. Joining presenters burberry mens wallet outlet Alex Jones and Steve burberry brit website Jones after her performance, Alice flirted with Steve as part of what appeared to be a jokey skit between the pair. MORE: Read tonight Let Dance For Sport Relief live blog here Alice dressed up as a policewoman to perform her routine (Picture: BBC) But Barry took things a step further by reaching out to touch Steve crotch, causing him to recoil in shock as the audience let out a cheer to express its burberry outlet uk collective shock.

As Alice looked slightly embarrassed and withdrew her hand, she apologised to Steve and said she hadn meant to actually touch him, to which he replied that he hadn thought she was being serious. Twitter burberry online shopping usa was instantly awash with complaints that the Shameless actress had touched Steve, with many saying that if a man had done it to a woman there would have been an outcry.

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