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Civil and Environmental Engineering (2014),"Crude soybean hull peroxidase treatment of phenol in synthetic and real wastewater: enzyme economy enhanced by Triton X 100.

Uslu, M., Seth, R., Jasim, S., Tabe, S., Biswas, N.,(2014)"Reaction Kinetics of Ozone with Selected Pharmaceuticals and their Removal Potential from a Secondary Treated Municipal Wastewater Effluent in the Great Lakes Basin" accepted by Ozone Science and Engineering (April 29, 2014) [IJC]. Das, K.,Lashkari, R., Biswas, burberry outlet london prices N., (2013), "Disaster Assessment and a Humanitarian Logistics Based Mitigation Planning Framework", (in Press), J. of Ind. Eng. Management System [Research Grant]. Uslu,M, Arvi, A.,Jasim, S., Bewtra, J., Biswas, N., (2013), "A survey of occurrences and risk assessment of pharmaceuticals in burberry logo the Great Lakes", J. of Ozone Sc. Eng. 35, pp. 249 262. [IJC]. 39, pp. and Biswas, N., burberry sale 2015 "Biological Treatment of Wastewater," J. Pfafflin and Edward Zeigler (editors) in Encyclopedia of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 1, CRC Press Taylor Francis, 2006, pp. 137 159. (2011), discounted burberry clothes "Pharmaceutical Substances in the Great Lakes Region: A Review," Presented at the 61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, October 23 26, London, ON, Canada. (2009), "Hydrogen production from anaerobic fermentation of glucose in linoleic acid (LA) incubated mixed cultures," Presented at the Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy, Honolulu, Hawaii, November, 11 14. Sharma, M., Lalman, J., Biswas, N., (2007), "The Effect of Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) on Sulfate Removal in an Acclimated Mixed Anaerobic Culture," Presented at the 80th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Conference, San Diego, California, USA, October 13 17. Awarded Albert E. Berry Medal, for outstanding contrib. to Env. Eng. in Canada, 2011. Invited speaker by the Chinese Academy of Env. Planning, Min.

of Env. Protection, China, 2011. Invited speaker at the Canada Mexico Workshop: Innovation in Water Sustainability Technologies, Chihuahua, Mexico, March 29 30, 2010.

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