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College foreign grads denied work permits A college representative says he shares its graduates concern the inconsistency in how the federal government applies its requirements for post graduate work permits.

hearing of this issue, the college took steps to support our graduates and we continue to do so, said Mike Wales from the college. The students are affected are in the school general arts and sciences program, which is normally two years. Lawyer Ravi Jain representing the students said one course had to be in class, and the other three could be online. Meanwhile, international students who already have a foreign bachelor degree and who also have a year of post secondary studies in Canada need only one semester at Niagara College to gain a diploma. Anish Goyal, 27, is a Niagara College grad from the program and a student from India. Goyal, who has paid about $7,700 in tuition to the college, also runs a Facebook group of affected students. He came to Canada in 2013 burberry outlet shop to Centennial College to study project management and then took the Niagara College course. burberry bags official website His student permit ended in March. He has not yet been issued a work permit he has applied for. did our due diligence, Goyal said. college gave us in writing that their program has been provincially and federally recognized. processes have been ministerially followed without cutting any corners. said it has also been mentioned this program makes us eligible to apply for a three year post graduate work permit. don know why there is a difference of opinion from the immigration department who believes this program is distance learning whereas the college says this program is not distance learning. Goyal himself did some online work as part of the arts and sciences program. far as I know every program nearest burberry outlet offered in Canada by a college or university has an online component, he said in a follow up e mail. Jain represents more than 50 of the students, two are Chinese and the rest from India. He said about 30 have had their work permits denied, with another 20 who are on hold pending an investigation and Jain expects them to be refused. Normally, those who are refused will be forced to leave the country. students took a course that had a mix of online and class, Jain said. He figures some students were attracted to the program because it was going to issue a two year diploma in potentially four months. He said the concern is that when colleges design these programs, have to exercise extraordinary due diligence. have to ensure their programs are compliant with subsequent work permit eligibility, Jain said. In determining that, they should take a conservative approach in determining federal immigration law. Jain adds it seems stated the rule is there to be no distance learning. As there is no definition of distance learning provided, lawyers we say the plain meaning? The plain meaning is at a distance. a conservative interpretation if the law is do it. said the general arts and science diploma program is widely offered at colleges in Ontario, with typically 600 students enrolled in the program at Niagara College each year. international applicants to this program are made aware of the opportunity to apply for a post graduate work permit, they also advised of the application process involved, he said. Wales said the college has sought clarification on this issue from the immigration department on how it defines learning. College doesn offer distance learning, he said in an e mailed statement from the college. have several accessibility options for individual courses including online options but all full time students must take in class, on campus courses to graduate, Wales said. Wales said hundreds of international graduates of the general arts and science program have successfully applied for a post graduate work permit, burberry raincoat sale including many among the same group as those denied. has been no change to the delivery or curriculum of the program, which is approved by the ministry of training, colleges and universities, and meets the same standards as all of our diploma programs, he said. we haven made changes to the program itself, in light of the recent changes in how (the federal department) applies its application requirements, we have advised students taking this program that taking online courses is not recommended. also adds the federal government is a problem with consistency as some grads are getting their work permits and others are not. totally confusing to everyone, he said.

they need to modernize and keep up with the pace of education and they not. don entirely fault them on being a little slow here, he said, adding my mind, the problem is with any college that takes an aggressive approach in designing programs with online courses. the meantime, he trying to get some response from the federal government about a clearer definition of distance learning as it pertains to the students.

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